UDC 53.082.79• 📖 Issue 25 / 2016 • 17-25 pages


Yu. Zabulonov, V. Burtnyak, L. Odukalets

B. Shabalin, D. Sc ( Geol.), Head of the Department, SI «The Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of NAS of Ukraine» b_shabalin@ukr.net, igns@i.com.ua
S. Bugera Junior Researcher, SI «The Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of NAS of Ukraine» igns@i.com.ua
E. Zakrytniy Junior Researcher, SI «The Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of NAS of Ukraine»


The need for new technical means for radiation monitoring of gamma radiation of food and construction materials is justified in the paper. The main technical characteristics of the established system and its main advantages over the existing prototypes are given. The spectrometer adapted to the Japanese market is designed. The possibility of user conversation with the operator in Japanese is provided. Radiation monitoring of gamma radiation is carried out in accordance with local regulations (radiation norms). To determine the characteristics of the device, a series of experiments to evaluate the scattering measurements, which may be due not only to the statistical nature of decay and background fluctuations, but also other random factors (instrumental noise, error measurement procedures, etc.)..


Key words: gamma rays, radiation control, spectrometer.




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