UDC 631.442.4:541.64:621.763 • 📖 Issue 26 / 2016 • 72—78 pages


A.Rozko, Yu. Fedorenko, G. Pavlyshyn

A. Rozko Ph.D. (Geology), Senior Researcher in the M.P. Semenenko Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Ore Formation of the NASU, al.rozko@gmail.com
Yu. Fedorenko Researcher in SI «Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of NAS of Ukraine»
G. Pavlyshynl Chief Specialist (Mathematics) SI «Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of NAS of Ukraine».


The article presents the results of study of use of cement in bentonite-polymer composites. It was found that the cement added to the mixtures for bentonite-polymer composites synthesis exhibits reductive features and together with an oxidizer – ammonium persulphate – creates a redox environment for sodium acrylate polymerization shortening more than soda the period from the start of the reaction to its maximum rate point. The reaction of polymerization of bentonite-polymer composites with cement proceeds in two stages: at the first stage the temperature of samples rises by several degrees, the static shear stress increases by 1,5- 2 times and the samples become elastic, at the second stage the temperature continues to rise, the shear stress increases by a factor of hundreds and the samples become more elastic. The large quantity of the chains cross-links is confirmed by low free swelling capacity. The conversion of these composites from the paste-like to rubbery state proceeds at low initial temperatures (10÷14оС), which opens up new possibilities for in situ polymerization of the composites for waterproofing, feeling of cracks and joints, construction of engineered barriers, etc.


Key words: cement, sodium acrylate, bentonite-polymer composites, polymerization, the static shear stress, free swelling capacity.




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