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Type of publication: Collection of scientific articles
Scope of distribution: Nationwide, foreign
Year of Foundation: 2000
Problems: publication of original and review works from the main problems of geological and technical sciences in the field of environmental geochemistry, geoecology, metallogeny, environmental and fire safety, radioactive and toxic waste management and related fields.
Periodicity: 1-2 times a year
Certificate of state registration: 1. HF Series №5415 of 28.08.2001 p.
2. HF Series №6104 from 24.04.2002.
3. HF №19790-9090 27.07.2012 p.
4. HF №23941-13781 from 26.04.2019
Registration and inclusion of a collection in the list of scientific professional publications: Decree No. 1-05 / 6 dated December 16, 2009, geological sciences;

Decree No. 1-05 / 3 dated April 14, 2010 technical sciences.

Re-registration is approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated March 9, 2016.

 Payment: Free
Language edition: LAW OF UKRAINE. On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language (Vidomosti Verkhovnoi Rady (VVR), 2019, № 21, p.81): Scientific publications are published in the state language – Ukrainian, English and / or other official languages of the European Union. In the case of publication in English and / or other official languages of the European Union, the published materials must be accompanied by an annotation and a list of keywords in the state language.
Founder: The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,

SI “Institute of Environmental Geochemistry NAS of Ukraine”

Department of National Academy of Sciences: nuclear physics and energy
Chief Editor: V. Dolin D. Sc. (Geol.)
Deputy Chief Editor: Yu. Ol’hovik Ph. D. Sc. (Tech.)
I. Mykhalchenko D. Sc. (Geol.)
Responsible Editor: І.М. Sevruk Ph. D. (Geol.)
Editorial board:
James T. Morris (Biological Sciences; Earth, Ocean and Environment
College of Arts and Sciences) USA
B. B. Wiłkomirski Prof. full science (Poland)
Yu. Zabulonov. Cor. Member NASU, D.Sc. (Tech.)
Ye. Venher Cor. Member NASU, D.Sc. (Phys.-Mat.)
V.Verhovtsev D. Sc. (Geol.)
B. Shabalin D. Sc. (Geol.-Min.)
O. Shevchenko D. Sc. (Geol.)
V. Pokaliuk D. Sc. (Geol.)
O. Pushkarev D. Sc. (Geol.)
V. Rodionov D. Sc. (Tech.)
S. Saienko D. Sc. (Tech.)
V. Lytvynenko D. Sc. (Tech.)
S. Chumachenko D. Sc. (Tech.)
A. Iatsyshyn D. Sc. (Tech.)
O. Popov D. Sc. (Tech.)
S. Kruchynin D.Sc. ( Phys.-Mat.)
Yu. Bondar Phd (Geol)
I. Sevruk Phd (Geol)
Editorial Board I.Sevruk
Scientific editors: V. Dolin D. Sc. (Geol.);
Yu. Zabulonov. Cor. Member NASU, D.Sc. (Tech.)
Publisher: SI “Institute of Environmental Geochemistry NAS of Ukraine”
Editorial Address: Ukraine, SME 03680, Kyiv-142, Palladin Avenue 34-A
Contact numbers: (38-044) 423-81-35; е-mail:;
More information: It is published according to the decision of the Academic Council of the State Institution “Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”
Category of publication: Collections of NAS of Ukraine (Department of Nuclear Physics and Energy)