6 (34) 2. In memory of B.Ye. Paton

УДК 51:550.47:574.4:614.7:608:631.438:632.118.3:636 • Issue 6 (34) / 2021 • 18-20 pages

In memory of B.Ye. Paton

The figure of Boris Paton in the XX-XXI centuries has become a symbol of world science. Boris Paton is a foreign member of 18 national academies of sciences, a small planet named after him, the world’s first all-welded bridge in Kyiv, a diamond of almost 52 carats, a nearly 4-kilometer peak on the eastern slope of Elbrus. Borys Paton is the oldest academician of Ukraine, the first Hero of Ukraine in history, the author of more than a thousand scientific publications and more than 400 inventions, scientist, patriot, politician, diplomat. Here it is appropriate to mention the words of Academician OE Fersman, dedicated to the memory of one of the founders and the first President of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – Academician Volodymyr Vernadsky: ; many researchers will have to learn his sharp, persistent and embossed, always ingenious, but difficult to understand creative thought; for the younger generation, he will always serve as a teacher in science and a shining example of a fruitful life. “