УДК 622.25: 502.36/55 • Issue 28 / 2019 • 57-65 pages

O. Buglak, О. Ulytsky

O. Buglak, research assistant of State Ecology Academy of postgraduate education and management, aleksandra.verkhovtseva@gmail.com

О. Ulytsky, Doctor of Science, Director of Educational and Research Institute of Environmental Safety and Management of State Ecology Academy of postgraduate education and management, olegulytsky@gmail.com


In the proposed article, the thermoelectric power stations of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine are considered as one of the objects of critical infrastructure and increased danger, the existing ecological threats (discharges of process water without preliminary clearing and settling in the treatment facilities, which leads to flooding of adjacent territories and soil pollution with harmful substances; acoustic, electromagnetic and electrostatic effects of the plant’s work on biodiversity and the environment; atmospheric pollution by wind in the process of combustion of various types of fuels, destruction of thermoelectric power stations as a result of possible hostilities) and recommendations for minimizing the risks of technogenic and environmental disasters (development of plans for localization and liquidation of the consequences of accidents where they are absent, measures to prevent the occurrence of explosive situations and fires in the stations; creation of a unified system of water supply-drainage, in which the waste (reversible water) of one type can be further used for other needs of the station – the creation of the system of “recycling”; measures for the purification and disinfection of the technical water used in the process before discharging; assessment and analysis of the technical state of the treatment facilities (settling tanks) with further modernization; installation of additional catching equipment for the purpose of reduction of emissions into atmospheric air; constant ecological monitoring of the state of environmental parameters – soil contamination, surface and groundwater, atmospheric air, etc.). Due to the location of Luhansk and Vuglegirska thermoelectric power stations in the immediate vicinity of the sites of active military operations, it is necessary to create “security zones” around these thermal power stations with a radius of 5 km in order to prevent their destruction due to possible hostilities.

Key words: thermoelectric power stations, critical infrastructure objects, ecological safety, threats and risks, ecological disaster.




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