Plagiarism policy

The Collected “Geochemistry of Technogenesis” publishes only original materials for publication, articles that have not been published before and have not been presented for publication in other journals and collections.
The Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights” interprets plagiarism as “promulgation (publication), in whole or in part, of someone else’s work under the name of a person who is not the author of this work.”
There are the following types of plagiarism:
– copying and publishing a work performed by another author as his own,
– verbatim copying of fragments of someone else’s work without proper quoting;
– making minor amendments to the copied material (reformulating sentences, changing the order of words in them, etc.) and without proper citation;
– paraphrase – presentation of someone else’s text with the replacement of words and expressions without changing the content of the borrowed text;
– compilation – the creation of a text without in-depth study of the problem by copying texts from a number of sources without making edits, with reference to the authors and “masking” by writing transitional sentences between the copied parts of the text.

Manuscripts in which plagiarism or text borrowings are found without reference to the original source, the editors reject for publication of the article in the journal.
The editors of the сollected “Geochemistry of Technogenesis” analyze each case of plagiarism. If plagiarism or text borrowing turns out to be editors or reviewers at any stage before the publication of the manuscript, then the author (s) are warned about the need to rewrite the text or link to the source.

To determine plagiarism are used: Unicheck. (